Donate a Boat

Clinton Sailing Club (CSC) welcomes your boat donation! CSC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. We either keep boats to sail, or sell them to raise money for our programs.

If you are interested in making a charitable donation of a vehicle (boat), we will provide you with either an “acknowledgment” on our letterhead, or a Form 1098-C, in accordance with IRS guidelines. The value to be reported will be an agreed upon fair market value.

Past donations include one of our inflatable coaching boats (“Buck”);  a 2010 Hobie 16; a mint condition 2008 Catalina 16.5; and a 1989 Pearson 34-2 yacht.  To date CSC has raised over $30,000 with donated boat sales.

Based on our experience, we have developed the following boat donation guidelines. Please read below to learn more:

  • CSC will accept boats in good to excellent condition. No project boats!
  • We are particularly interested in 420s, Flying Juniors (FJs), RS Zests, RS Quests, Hartley 12.2/15s, Laser Bahias, and Hobie Waves/Getaways to add to our sailing fleet
  • Other smaller boats are also appreciated. Examples include the Laser, Byte, RS Aero/Feva, JY14/15, Catalina 14/16.5, Hunter 140/170, O’Day Daysailer, Zuma, Sunfish, Catboat, and more
  • CSC also needs high-quality coaching boats, for example 13-15′ Hypalon inflatables or 10′ and larger RIBs (rigid inflatable boats). Center console models are ideal
  • We will gratefully accept other inflatables in good used condition to resell
  • Outboards in top working order, trailers, and beach dollies (Seitech, Dynamic Dollies, etc.) are also welcome
  • Ready to step up and donate a bigger boat we can sell to fund CSC programs? Let’s talk!

Questions? Comments? Ready to donate? Contact us today!