Media Waiver - Code of Conduct

Media Waiver: Students and participants agree to allow CSC to use photographs or videos of them for any CSC promotional materials.

Code of Conduct: Ensures that everyone has a positive learning experience. All participants – sailors, parents/guardians, and staff – shall respect the individual rights, safety, and property of others.

Parents: please review these rules with your child.


  • be mindful of my instructors and respect their requests and follow their directions
  • respect the differences in other people, make an effort to include everyone, and refrain from behavior that may hurt another sailor or staff member’s feelings
  • wear closed-toed shoes at all times
  • be kind to my fellow sailors and instructors
  • respect other people’s property
  • let my instructor know if I am or I am not having a good time
  • have fun at CSC in ways that are safe to others and myself
  • have a positive attitude and an open mind towards learning something new and exciting!


  • fight with other sailors with my hands or my words
  • go anywhere without the permission of my instructors
  • use derogatory terms or offensive language
  • tease or bully other sailors
  • bring inappropriate items (includes electronics, weapons, drugs, etc) to CSC

If I choose not to follow this Code of Conduct:

  • First time: I will be given a verbal warning explaining problem and the expected behavior.
  • Second time: I will be removed from the activity and my parent will be called; the Program Director may call home to discuss a behavior plan.
  • Third time: The Program Director will be notified and my parents will be called to pick me up.

If you have an issue with any policies above, do not proceed. Email Otherwise, I have read, understand, and agree to all of the above:

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